February 2015 Issue  

VOL. 2. ISSUE - 2 (FEBRUERY 2015)
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1. Vegetative propagation of salt excreting mangrove species Aegiceras corniculatum, Avicennia marina and Avicennia officinalis
T. Govindan and K. Kathiresan
2. Effectiveness of information sources regarding livestock production in Punjab, Pakistan
Ali Waqas , Kghazanfar Ali Khan, Farhana Nosheen and Muhammad Ahmad
3. Qualitative Evaluation of Carotenoids Profile in Three Polygonum Species by HPTLC.
B. Ezhilan and R. Neelamegam
4. Prevalence and seasonal occurrence of gastrointestinal parasites in small ruminants of coastal areas of Tamil Nadu.
A. Varadharajan and R. Vijayalakshmi
5. HPTLC Analysis of Flavonoid Compound Profile in the whole-plant Methanol Extract of Polygonum Species.
B. Ezhilan and R. Neelamegam
6. Histopathological alterations in Gill, Liver and Kidney of Cyprinus carpio (Linn.) exposed to Cypermethrin (25% EC)
P. Neelima, Cyril L. Arun Kumar, J. Chandra Sekhara Rao and N. Gopala Rao
7. Improving Indices in Evaluation of Medical Research Centers in Iran
Leila Hashemi Chalavi , Shahram Alamdari and Dr Koroush Asadi
8. Water saving irrigation interventions at small farms of district Faisalabad:Implications for Food, and Agriculture
Nasir Mahmood, Farhana Nosheen, M. S.Bajwa and Muhammad Ahmad
9. Efficacy of different insecticides against cotton mealy bug Phenacoccus solenopsis Tinsley (Sternorrhyncha: Coccoidea: Pseudococcidae) in ecological zone of Rahim Yar Khan.
Ashiq Hussain Sanghi, Masood Qadir Waqar, Muhammad Aslam and Laila Khalid
10. Entomological survey on cotton whitefly in district Bahawalpur
Maqbool Shah, Ahmad Nawaz, RahatHussain Rashid, Mazher Farid Iqbal, Faryad Hussain5, Sohaib Aslam6and Mansoor-ul- Hasan
11. Production of Non Citrinin Chinese Red Yeast Rice by Using Monascus purpureus Skw2 Co-cultured with Bacillus megaterium
Nandang Suharna
12. Sustainable solutions for solid waste management: A Review
Mandeep Kaur, Rajneet Kaur Soodan, Vaneet Kumar, Jatinder Kaur Katnoria, Avinash Nagpal
13. Impact of pesticides alone and in combinations on bacterial and fungal populations in soils
M. Srinivasulu, G. Jaffer Mohiddin , Klever Quimbiulco, Darwin Rueda Ortiz,Juan Ortiz Tirado, V. Rangaswamy
14. Demonstration and evaluation of the effect of different irrigation frequencies on the growth and yield of wheat in standing cotton.
Muhammad Aslam, Dr. Muhammad Anjam Ali, Masood Qadir Waqar, Ashiq Hussain Sangi, and Laila Khalid
15. Pattern of Different Glomerular Diseases at Ain Shams University Hospital, in Egypt. A Six Months Prospective Study.
Cherry Reda Kamel
16. Relationship between protein content, seed size and days to flowering in Lentil (Lens culinaris Medik)
Jyoti Kumari, H K Dikshit, Dayachand, M Aski and Anju M. Singh
17. Potential of novel carriers for effective management of Acetaminophen Induced Hepatotoxicity
Juyal Divya and Dhyani Archana
18. Evaluation of Germination Percentage and Some Physiologic Factors under Salinity Stress and Gibberellic acid Hormone (GA3) Treatments in Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)
Parvaneh Rahdari and Seyed Meysam Hoseini
19. Association between Low Serum Fetuin A, Ischaemic Heart and Early Chronic Kidney Disease
Mohamed Ali Ibrahim and Cherry Reda Kamel
20. Prevalence of Environmental Acquired Cadmium Nephropathy among smokers
Mohammed Mahmoud Abd-El-Ghany, Iman Ibrahim Sarhan, Sahar Mahmoud shawky, El-Sayed El-Sayed El-Okda, Cherry Reda Kamel
21. Bio-Efficacy of Pretilachlor 50 EC on different cultivars of hybrid and high yielding Rice (Oryza sativa L.) on growth and yield parameters
Paramita Biswas and R. K. Ghosh
22. Appraisal of NDV4 thermo-stable Per-os vaccination amongst free-ranged local poultry keepers in Adamawa state, North-eastern Nigeria
Nafarnda, W. D., Baraya, J. H., Olabode, H. O. K., Simon, M. K., Obudu C. E1., Adeiza, M. A., Enem, S. I., Gabriel, K. O and Onakpa, M. M.
23. Threonine - Lysine ratio and its effect on broiler Performance
Talha E. Abbas
24. Identification of superior hybrid through exploitation of hybrid vigour in chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.)
Abdul Ghaffar, Niaz Hussain, Muhammad Aslam, Khalid Hussain, Muhammad Irshad, Muhammad Ahmad and Naeem-ud-Din
25. Determination of total phenolic contents and antioxidant activities in fruits of Solanum melongena L. (green) and Solanum melongena L. (purple)
Latha Kumaraswamy
26. A Reflection on pre and post Analytical errors in Haematology Laboratories
Dr Vinay Bharat,Dr Gaurav Tiwari, Dr Rani Bansal and Dr BK Gupta
27. PGPB – Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria and their influence on the growth and yield of sugarcane – Saccharum officinarum. L
Vinoth. M and V. Prabudoss
28. Bioremediation potential of Bacillus cereus against copper and other heavy metals
B.Rohini and S. Jayalakshmi

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