July 2015 Issue  

VOL. 2. ISSUE – 7 (July 2015)
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1. Process optimization, enhancement and production of Pyruvate decarboxylase by Hansenula polymorpha
Suresh K N.Mathiyazhagan and R. Selvam
2. Interleukin (IL)-8 is an early predictor of mortality following trauma hemorrhagic shock
Manoj Kumar, D.N Rao, Sujata Mohanty, Arul Selvi S , Sanjeev Bhoi
3. Molecular Detection and Epidemiological Studies of Plasmodium vivax and Plasmodium falciparum Isolates from Endemic Regions of Jharkhand
Abhash Sikdar and Prof.M.Raziuddin
4. Isolation and characterization of a chemolithotrophic bacterial strain from fresh coal mine Overburden spoil
Jitesh Kumar Maharana, Chandini Dakua and Amiya Kumar Patel
5. Biochemical characterization of the Ralstonia solanacearum associated with Capsicum annum L. plants in Marathwada Region, Maharashtra
R. M. Mulani, Asrar Siraj
6. Evaluation of best fungicide for controlling brown leaf spot in transplanted rice
Mazher Farid Iqbal, Muzzammil Hussain and Masood Qadir Waqar
7. Relation between peripheral neuropathy and cryoglobulinemia in Egyptian patientswith chronic hepatitis C
Mohsen M Maher, Moataz Sayed, Shereen A Saleh, Reem Elmallah, Ahmed Elsaady,Wesam A Ibrahim, Mostafa Hamed, Doaa Elaidy, Manal Mohsen, Hagar Ahmed
8. Molecular mechanism and systemic response of erythropoietin:A Review
Obeagu,Emmanuel Ifeanyi,Okoroiwu,I.L.,Obeagu,GetrudeUzoma
9. Synergism between bee honey and selected antibiotics against shigella species
Daniah Muneam Hamid and Qahtan Adnan Rashead
10. Perception of first MBBS medical students towards different teaching aids used in teaching learning process: A comparison between powerpoint versus chalkboard teaching
Kumud N. Harle, Jayashree Jankar and Kanchan M. Mohod
11. Effects of paclobutrazol on growth and physiological attributes of Soybean (Glycine max) plants grown under water stress conditions
Sharifa S. Abu-Muriefah
12. Study of Serum zinc, Serum ferritin and Serum copper levels in Alopecia patients
Sanjay Deshwali, Pawan Kumar Kare, B.K. Agrawal, Anna Alex
13. Incidence and risk factors of early Variceal Bleeding after Esophageal Variceal Ligation
Hossam El-Din M. Salem, Mohamed K. Elnaggar, Shendy M. shendy, Ahmed El saady Khayyal and Khaled Mansour.
14. Evaluation of Serum Granulocyte Colony Stimulating Factor in Patients admitted withTrauma Haemorrhagic shock
Manoj Kumar, Sanjeev Bhoi, Arulselvi Subramanian, Vineet Kumar Kamal,Sujata Mohanty and D N Rao
15. Relation between Fecal Calprotectin concentration and severity of Hepatitis C (HCV) related chronic liver disease
Hossam El-Din M. Salem, Mohamed A. Mansour, Ahmed El saady Khayyal, Manal Mohsen and
16. First Report of Penicillium digitatum (Pers. ex Fr.) Sacc. causing a postharvest green mould of Oranges (Citrus × sinensis) in Pakistan
Ibatsam Khokhar and Rukhsana Bajwa
17. Reticulocyte count in healthy male and female students of imo state university,owerri.
Okoroiwu,I.L.,Obeagu, Emmanuel Ifeanyi,Elemchukwu,Queen and Daniel-Igwe,Gloria
18. Effect of fever on some haematological parameters in owerri metropolis
Okoroiwu,I.L.,Obeagu,Emmanuel Ifeanyi, Daniel-Igwe,Gloria and Elemchukwu,Queen
19. Some haematological parameters among geriatrics in Owerri Metropolis
Okoroiwu,I.L.,Obeagu,Emmanuel Ifeanyi, Elemchukwu,Queen and Daniel-Igwe,Gloria
20. Assessment of the distribution of carnivores and herbivores based on sign survey and line transect method in Segur Plateau, Nilgiri.
K.Manoj, Boon Allwin, K.R.Ramesh, Ramakrishnan, Stalin Vedamanickam, N.R Senthil
21. Prey selection and utilization by the wild carnivores in the Segur Plateau, Nilgiris.
K.Manoj, Boon Allwin, K.R.Ramesh, Ramakrishnan, N.R Senthil , Stalin vedamanickam
22. Enhanced production, purification and characterization of alkaline keratinase from Streptomyces minutiscleroticus DNA38
Nandini Allure, Madhusudhan D.N. and Dayanand Agsar
23. Effect of medium constituents on the growth and lipase production in Pseudomonas aeruginosa 2036
Madhu S. Arora, Jagdish S. Patel, Dr. Induben Baser, Mehulsinh R. Chhasatia

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