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VOL. 2. ISSUE – 3 ( MARCH 2015 )
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1. Probiotic Yoghurts with Addition of Broccoli: Microbiological; Chemical Properties and Sensory Evaluation
Hoda Mahrous and Heba Hussien
2. A Lactic acid bacterium isolated from Korean fermented fish, Jeotgal: Characterization of Weissella halotolerans KNOUC4036 as a probiotic
E. S. Nam and J. K. Ahn
3. Effect of fast food consumption on the body Mass Index status of Adolescent Girls - A Review.
Dr.Vedavalli Sachithananthan
4. The effectiveness of Trichoderma koningii in Improving the quality of Strawberry fruits in Rurukan Plantation, Tomohon
Bertje R. A. Sumayku, Tatik Waridiyati, Aminudin Afandhi, Jeanny Polii-Mandang
5. Effects of Hygrophila auriculata on mitochondrial TCA cycle enzymes in N-Nitrosodiethylamine induced Hepatocellular Carcinoma in Rats.
Dr. S. Premkumari
6. Response of Basmati rice ( Oryza sativa L.) yield to time of application of phosphorus in combination with zinc under anaerobic
Faisal Nadeem, Riaz Ahmad, Muhammad IshaqAsif Rehmani, Ansar Ali,M. A. alias Haji A. Bukhsh, Javed Iqbal
7. Growth rate and Chlorophyll Response of Duckweed Lemna minor in Heavy metal Pollution
Nuzhat Shafi, Ashok K. Pandit and Azra. N. Kamili
8. Role of procalcitonin in the diagnosis of neonatal sepsis.
Abdel Hakeem. Abdel Mohsen, Bothina A. Kamel
9. Introduction about soil taxonomy in Iran.
Hamid kheyrodin
10. The parasitic fauna of the Ferruginous duck Aythya nyroca (Güldenstädt, 1770) collected in central Iraq
Mohammad K. Mohammad
11. Performance of Seed Villages and Farmers Self Help Group in Central India.
Dr.D.S. Tomar, Dr.S.K.Kaushik, Dr.A.K.Dixit and Dr.Rekha Tiwari
12. Foodborne Bacteria
Kausar Malik, Hira Naeem, Ghalia Nawal, Aisha Khaled Chaudhri
13. Correlation and Genetic variability Estimate of Malt Barley ( Hordeum vulgare L.)
Yetsedaw Aynewa, Tadesse Dessalegn and Wondimu Bayu
14. Associated changes in metabolic activities of host –pathogen system in some infected plants by bio-inducer
Majdah M.Y. Al-Tuwaijri and Amany H. Aboellil
15. A comparative study between preoperative and postoperative infiltration with Bupivacaine on postoperative pain.
Dr. Neetika Mishra and Dr. Anupam Nath Gupta
16. Genetic Resistance and Correlation between Black scurf and Powdery scab Disease of Potato
M. Abdul Shakoor, Muhammad Ahmad, M. Rafiq Shahid, Hafiz Walayt Ali, Ahsan Muhyudin and Mumtaz Hussain
17. Vermicompost tea and its role in control of pest: A Review
Jayanta Mistry and Sarada Mukherjee
18. Analysis of genetic diversity among Asiatic cotton (Gossypium arboreum L.) cultivars and breeding lines using RAPD and SSR markers
S.K. Verma, Muniya Dhanda and Raj Kumar Salar
19. Complementary feeding practices and nutritional values of complementary foods used by IGBO Mothers of Imo and Abia states of Nigeria
Okereke Ijeoma .F,Obeagu,Emmanuel Ifeanyi, A.O.Ovute,Kanu,Stella Ngozika,Odo Christian Emeka Okeke Chizube Ifeyinwa and Ugwu Getrude Uzoma
20. Demonstration and evaluation of the effect of foliar application of various nutrients on the growth and yield of cotton in ecological zone of Bahawalnagar Punjab, Pakistan.
Laila Khalid, Mueen u din, Dr. Muhammad Anjam Ali and Masood Qadir Waqar
21. Arrhythmias in Myocardial Infarction- A Hospital based study
Dr Basavaraj M Patil
22. Triplex Theory and unconscious vision. Study of the Visual system in Human Embryo
A. A. Kashani, M.D.
23. 'Graphene' - The Nano Carbon Wonder!
N. Ram, Dr.Jaya Pandey, Dr. Richa and Dr.Smriti
24. Grain losses of wheat as affected by different harvesting and threshing techniques
MuhammadSattar, MushtaqAli, LiaqatAli, Mueen-u-Din1,MasoodQadir Waqar, Muhammad Anjum Ali and Laila Khalid
25. Efficacy of micro nutrients for controlling diseases in transplanted rice
Mazher Farid Iqbal, Muhammad Anjum Ali, Masood Qadir Waqar, Muzzammil Hussain and Zeeshan Iqbal
26. Dimethoate induced alterations in tissue protein levels of common Carp, Cyprinus carpio (Linn.)
Ram nayan Singh, Chhote Lal Yadava and Arvind Kumar Singh
27. Impact of Textile Effluents on Water bodies of Western Rajasthan
Shellina Khan and Nishi Mathur
28. Reasons for decreasing cultivated area of mash crop
Falak Sher, Mazher Farid Iqbal, Muzzammil Hussain, Mirza Muhammad Qadeer Baig, Atiq ur Rehman, Muhammad Anjum Ali and Masood Qadir Waqar
29. Morphological Studies on the Anal Canal of Adult Male Cat ( Felis domestica)
Maher, M. A., El-Sakhawy, M. A., Hussein, S. and Shaker, N. A.
30. Experimental models of cell in vitro-differentiation by different laboratory incubation times in the presence of Aronia melanocarpa fruit extract
I. Sainova, V. Pavlova, B. Alexieva, I. Valkova and E. Nikolova
31. Value of Urinary Cystatin C In Early Detection Of Diabeticnephropathy In Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
Mohamed Ali Ibrahim, Yasser Soliman Ahmed, Howayda Abdelhamed El-Shinnawy, Ibrahim Youssef Abd Al Maseeh, Yahya Mostafa Makkeyah, Walid Ahmed Bichari
32. Effects of Biodiesel from PKO on Selected Phosphatases and Transaminases of Some Tissues of African Catfish (Clarias gariepinus)
Olalekan Adeyemi
33. The puerperoium in dairy cows: ovarian activity, uterine involution and follicular dynamics
José Carlos dos Santos Breda, Luiz Ernandes Kozicki
34. Different drought conditions could modulate growth responses of Arabidopsis thaliana through regulation of mRNA expression of genes encoding plasma membrane PIN proteins
Behrokh Shojaie, Akbar Mostajeran and Abolghasem Esmaeili
35. Study of Oxidant –Antioxidant Balance in Pregnant Women with Threatened Abortion
Awatif Z. Abdiwi ,Prof. Dr. Raid M. H. Al-Salih and Dr. Alaa H. A
36. Antimicrobial evaluation of selected south Indian medicinal plants against Streptococcus pneumonia
R. Kadhar Nivas and Dr. M. Boominathan
37. Entomological survey of sucking insect pestsof cotton in district Bahawalpur
Maqbool Shah, Ahmad Nawaz, Irshad Ahmad Tabassum, Muhammad Tariq, Maqsood Ahmad,Mazher Farid Iqbal and Zahid Iqbal
38. On the reproductive biology of Angelica archangelica L. (Apiaceae)
E. Yankova-Tsvetkova and I. Semerdjieva
39. Impact of agrimin and fishmin on the aspects of body length - weight (growth), gonadal somatic index of the fish species Hypophthalmichthys molitrix, Cyprinus carpio and Ctenopharyngodon idella
G.Sudhakar, P.Mariyadasu, V.Leelavathi, G.Swapna, B.Chinna Narasaiah
40. Incidence and Diagnosis of Cymbidium Mosaic Virus (CYMV) on Orchids
D. R. Sudha and G. Usharani
41. Utilization of Municipal Solid Waste mixed with Horse dung by using earthworm Perionyx excavates
N. Brintha, M. Srijayam, V. Elamparithi, and G. Manimegala
42. Comparative spatial assessment of phytoplankton and productivity in coastal freshwater Pond, Estuary and Neritic water of Palk Bay, South East India
Thayalan, M., A. Priya, V.N.Hameetha Banu, M.G.Bhagavathi Roopini and J. Sesh serebiah
43. Qualitative and combined analysis of bio recycled dairy effluent waste water from Thiruvannamalai district in Tamilnadu, India.
Anandaraj. K, Elaiyaraja. R, A. Jayakumarand K. Sathiyaseelan

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