May 2015 Issue  

VOL. 2. ISSUE – 5 (MAY 2015)
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1. Comparative study of ear microflora in clinically healthy and dogs with dermatitis
Dr. Anandha Narayanan. S, Dr.Gowri. B, Dr.Kavitha and Dr.S.Subapriya
2. Production and characterization of biosurfactant by Bacillus and its applicability in enhanced oil recovery
J.Anitha, V.Jeyanthi and P.Ganesh
3. Screening of advanced lines and commercial varieties of wheat against karnal bunt disease
M.A. Shakoor, Muhammad Ahmad,M. Rafiq Shahid, Mumtaz Hussain
4. Hemato- biochemical prognostic indicators for Trypanosoma infection in a captive asiatic wild dog
Boon Allwin , Thirumurugan R , Senthil N.R, Kalaignan, Pa, Vairamuthu.S
5. Antihyperglycemic effect of trans-anethole in streptozotocin induced diabetic rats with special reference to glycoprotein components
Leelavinothan Pari, Bashir Ahmad Sheikh
6. Serum level of IL-6, IL-10 and PCT as a prognostic marker in post traumatic sepsis patients.
Dablu Lal Gupta, Dr.Sanjeev Bhoi, Dr.Amit Gupta, and Dr.Arul Selvi
7. Study of cell growth kinetics of biohydrogen production using distillery wastewater as substrate
K. Sridevi and B. Preetha
8. Hepatopancreatic alteration in protein level in freshwater bivalve, Lamellidens corrianus (Lea) exposed to broad spectrum antibiotics
Nandurkar H. P
9. Effect of plant essential oils on the important mosquito vector, Culex quinquefasciatus (Say)
Deepa J, Gokulakrishnan J, Baranitharan M
10. Comparative account of Effect of Biofertilizers on the growth and biochemical parameters of Vigna mungo (L.Hepper)
Amit A.Nalawde and Satish A. Bhalerao
11. Entomological survey on dusky cotton bugin standing cotton crop
Shahid Hussain, Ijaz Ahmad, Rahat Hussain Rashid, Mazher Farid Iqbal and Faryad Hussain
12. The Role of Aloe vera for the Protection Earthworms
Rajesh Kumar Singh
13. Ecological adaptation of Algal communities in the Swat Valley, (Hindu cush mountains, Pakistan) to altitude
Niaz Ali, Sophia Barinova, F. M. Sarim, Imtiaz Ahmad, Barkatullah, Farrukh Hussain and Muhammad Ibrar
14. Production of pectinase from strains of Aspergillus niger using corn pomace by solid state fermentation (SSF)
Famotemi, A. C; Lawal, A. K. , Dike, E.N., Olatope, S. O.A., Shittu K.A., Itoandon, E.E., Kehinde, M. O., Orji, F. A. and Elemo, G. N.
15. Effect of organic and inorganic sources of nutrients on availability of NPK and Boron, Zinc at different growth stages of groundnut in two texturally different soils.
P. Kamalakannan and M. Ravichandran
16. Isolation and characterization of thermophilic bacteria of a hot water spring source, Balbal
Abhash Sikdar, Prof.M.Raziuddin, Dr. K.K Gupta
17. Structural, optical and dielectric properties of nanosized Mg0.88 Sr0.12Fe2O4 ferrite nanoparticles.
A.Loganathan and K.Kumar
18. Catch Composition of Bag Net used in Palaemon fishery in River Nun Estuary, Bayelsa State Niger Delta, Nigeria.
S.A Ngodigha; K. J Alagoa; P. Daworiye; Eremasi, Y.B
19. Maize seedlings characters as affected by soaking in some natural and artificial substances
Kandil, A.A. ; A.E. Sharief ; S.E. Seadh and J.J.K. Al-Hamery
20. Effect of phosphine and oil neem on storage efficacy and technological characters of paddy rice
Attia, A.N. ; M.A. Badawi1 ; S.E. Seadh and I.H.S. Shwan
21. Effective Microorganisms Growth Analysis by Various Estimation Methods such as pH, Salt, Moisture Content Organic Carbon, Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Zn, Fe, Mn, MH3PO4, CaMg and K in Rice and Black Gram Soil study
Dr.K. Krishnapriya, Dr. V. Muralikrishnan and Dr. V. Shoba
22. Lactate dehydrogenase isozymes and their genetic variation in Poecilia Latipinna (Lesueur, 1821) and Poecilia Sphenops (Valenciennes, 1846)
Shanmughavalli, M and Devakumar.D
23. Estimation of hydrocarbon compounds concentrations in water and sediments in tigris river near amara city center in Missan province/Iraq
Al-Nakeeb, Neran A.A.
24. Occupational health problems and factors contributing to the problem amongFisherwomen.
Hemkala Dhakal, Ansuya, Malathi G Nayak
25. Acute Toxicity of the Non-Selective Herbicide “Uproot”® (Isopropylamine Salt) on The Survival of Juveniles of Clarias gariepinus (Burchel, 1882)
Alagoa, K.J; Eremasi, Y.B;Ipeteikemoh, B
26. Chelating properties of Cardiospermum halicacabum against Cadmium toxicity on antioxidant enzyme activities in the Fresh water Crab, Paratelphusa hydrodromaus
K. Pugazhendy, A. Revathi , Kadarkarai Murugan, Jiang-Shiou Hwang
27. Anti-oxidant and anti-diabetic potential of Morinda tinctoria on STZ induced diabetic albino rats
V. Ramasubramanian, K. Palanivelu , P. Pitchai
28. Biocontrol Efficiency of Pseudomonas species against the Algal Blooms in the Eutrophicated pond water
Reena. T and Kavitha Jayan

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