Current Issue - October 2014  

VOL. 1. ISSUE - 7
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1. Detection of seed born fungi associated with different rice varieties and chemicalcontrol
Irshad Ahmad, Khalid Bhutta and Muhammad Ashraf, Muhsin Waheed
2. Feasibility Study of Sugarcane-Haricot Bean Intercropping Under Different Sowing Dates at Wonji-Shoa, Metahara and Finchaa Sugar Estates
Feyissa Tadesse, Tadesse Negi, Abiy Getaneh, Yeshmebet Teferi and Zinaw Dilnesaw
3. Microencapsulation of Vitamin C through Extrusion Process
S.Thangaraj and M.Seethalakshmi
4. Parasites species spectrum of clarotes macrocephalus from Lower and Upper river Benue, Nigeria
S. Omeji , L.O. Tiamiyu, P.A. Annune and S.G. Solomon
5. Assessment of ejection fraction in myocardial infarction patients after the use of beta-blockers
Bahaaedin A. Elkhader, Alsafi Abdella Bala and Mohammed A. Ali Omerl
6. Effect of moisture content on the engineering properties of Cashew Nuts
Arun Kumar, P. Kiran Nagajjanavar, S. V. Patil and Palanimuthu, V.
7. Antimicrobial activity of fruit wine against food borne pathogens
Desalegn Amenu
8. Electromagnetic waves affects on the Parkinson disease
M.Rostami1 and Z.Emami1
9. Isolation of bacterial pathogens from patients with postoperative surgical site infections and possible sources of infections
Desalegn Amenu
11. A critical review on PCR, its types and applications
Jagtar Singh , Niti Birbian, Shweta Sinha and Akshra Goswami
12. Test of biological control against datemoth Ectomyelois ceratoniae Zeller.(Lepidoptera, Pyralidae) by Spinosad
AyoubHADJEB, Med SeghirMEHAOUA and Med. LaidOUAKID
13. The Pregnant Man?...
M.Arulmani* and V.R.Hema Latha
14. Effect of growing media on seedling growth of African baobab (Adansonia digitata L.)
Thembinkosi Mathowa, Mpho Bosenakitso, Witness Mojeremane, Christopher Mpofu1 and Gabatshele M. Legwaila
15. Influence of different potting media on the growth of pod mahogany (Afzelia quanzensis) seedlings
Thembinkosi Mathowa*, Kebafentse Hababa1, Christopher Mpofu1, Gabatshele M. Legwaila and Witness Mojeremane1
16. The carrier rate of Salmonella gallinarum in free range chickens in Nasarawa state, Nigeria
Salihu, A. E , Onwuliri, F C2 and Mawak, J. D
17. Effect of lime and Grape fruit extract as coagulants on chemical composition of Sudanese white soft cheese during storage
HashimAhmed Elhaseen and Omer Ibrahim Ahmed Hamid and Osman Ali Osman El Owni
18. Genetic Variability, Heritability and Character Association of Twelve Sugar Cane Varieties in Finchaa Sugar Estate West Wolega Zone Oromia Region of Ethiopia
Feyissa Tadesse and Zinaw Dilnesaw
19. Effects of Bioactivators on Yield and Yield Components of Sugarcane at Wonji-Shoa Sugar Estate
Netsanet Ayele, Alemayehu Dengia, Abiy Getaneh, Leul Mengistu and Zinaw Dilnesaw
20. Biotechnological Application of Production ß-Lactamase Inhibitory Protein Actinomycetes Isolates from Al-Khurmah Governorate
Houssam M. Atta; Reda A. Bayoumi and Moataz H. El-Sehrawi.
21. Tamoxifen or Drospirenone and Ethinyl Estradiol: which is the first choice for infertile women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome with Hirsutism
Abdelaziz E. Tammam , Moustafa A. El taieb, Abeer E. Ahmed
22. Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Emergency Contraception among Adolescents in South East of Nigeria
Osuala Eunice Ogonna, Anyigor Prisilia Ifeyinwa and Odira Chika C.H
23. Beneficial effect of Strontium Ranelate on vertebral fracture in Osteoporotic mature women
Mahmoud EL-Edessy, Fasil Ali Mostafa and Mohamed El-kholy
24. Diagnostic Accuracy of Endometrial Sampling Devices for Abnormal Uterine Bleeding in Egyptian Mature Woman
Mahmoud Edessy, Hesham Saleh, Hossam Abdelhady, Mohammed Abdelsattar and Hagar Salah
25. Lower uterine segment postpartum hemorrhage. management by Cervical Suture, B-Lynch Suture and Foley Balloon.
Mahmoud Sayed El-Edessy, Mofeed Fawzy Mohammed, Faisal Ali Mohamad Mustafa and Mohammed Ibrahim Hefnawy
26. Perimenopausal bleeding in Upper Egypt
Mahmoud Edessy, Abd El-Aziz G. El-Darwish, Hossam M. Abd El-Hady, Faisal A. Mustafa and EidAzzam
27. Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus Carrriage amongst students of the Medical College
K. Bhaskaran K, G. Hemalatha and K. Sedhumadhavan
28. Bioaccumulation of heavy metals in the common carpVellar estuary,Mudasalodai and Muzhukuthurai coastal waters, Tamil Nadu, India
K. Santhi and C. Prabhahar
29. Population builds up and diversity of Odonate species in relation to food preference ina fish farming Lake at Media, West Bengal, India.
Ashok Dutta , Nithar Ranjan Madhu and Biplab Kumar Behera.
30. Data Analysis of Biosecurity Measures for Poultry Farms Registration in Khartoum State, Sudan
M .H. Tabidi E. A. Mustafa and A .A. Ahmed
31. Effect of different environmental conditions for the bacterial decolourization of reactive orange – 16
K. Karthikeyan and D. Kanchana
32. Helianthus annuus: A Potential Cut Flower in Botswana
S.O. Tshwenyane
33. Azo dye degradation by fungi – Review
T. Sivakumar
34. Evaluation of Acinetobacter baumanii isolated from ICUs and herbal disinfectant using Terminalia chebula
Mamatha. C and Dr. J. Vimalin Hena
35. A study on correlation of adoption practices of tribal pig farmers of Manipur
Jeremy Wahlang, Amitendu De, Shashi Ranjan, Sanjay Kumar Rewani, Lalhumliana Tochhawng, Debasis Ganguli
36. Isolation and Partial Characterization of Antifungal Protein from Bacillus subtilis
V. Shanmugaraju, Surayya I.K. Mohammed and Bivya. P.G
37. Study on phytochemical screening and antimicrobial activity of Roots of Decalepsis hamiltonii Wight & Arn.
B.Pargavi and T. Sivakumar
38. Characterization studies on V. alginolyticus isolated from Marine seafood samples
K. Arunagiri and T. Sivakumar
39. Production and characterization of lipase from zygomycetous fungi Rhizopus japonicas
S. Paranjothi and T.Sivakumar
40. Screening the in-vitro antifungal activity of certain seaweeds collected from Mandapam coast, Tamil Nadu, India
K.Kolanjinathan and M.Manigandan
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